Paul & Lisa

These two. Seriously, how cute are they?

Sunday was a perfect blustery fall day here in New England. Bright, moody clouds filled the sky, with on and off drizzle threatening to turn into rain. Cancel? Reschedule? Of course not! I love this weather. It makes for perfect photos, especially for a beach shoot. Although not bright and sunny, we get to skip the harsh shadows and hard light. A photographer’s dream—what could be more perfect!

Paul and Lisa are a very special couple. Their laughter is infectious and can bring you to tears. But not only are they funny, enthusiastic, sweet and kind—they are family. What could be more special than being able to take part in such an important event for these two. I seriously can not wait for their wedding next fall, and until then, I will leave you with these.

To view more of Paul & Lisa’s engagement photos, please visit their client album.

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