18 months | Ana

My sweet, silly, persistent, stubborn little girl has reached that momentous half birthday: 18 months.

Where did the last year and a half go?

I seriously, have no idea. To say the last 18 months have been a challenge is an understatement. But this face? This little face makes all the hard work, late nights and early mornings worth it.

And this girl? This girl is going to move mountains.



Class of 2017 | Emily

Fall was in full swing this Saturday in New England, with the leaves reaching their brightest colors. One minute it feels like summer, the next, we wake up to painted landscapes and brisk morning air. I am always amazed at how quickly autumn comes in, then out, and wish for it to stay just a bit longer.

Needless to say, it was a perfect afternoon to spend soaking in the last light with Emily and her pony. Calloway may not have been the most enthusiastic equine model, but these two were so adorable together—slobber and all. Plus, Emily nailed it with these gorgeous shots!

Thank you, Emily, for braving the thorn bushes and laughing alongside me. Best of luck with your senior year! #classof2017

To view more of Emily’s senior photos please visit her client album



It’s #caturday! My favorite day of the week. Why? Because today I get to share my cat obsession with the world. So, can we talk a minute about how obsessed I am with this cat?



Seven is one of my all-time favorite cats. He’s really more like a little clown in a fur suit that purrs. I think I have problems…

Enjoy your caturday friends!

Paul & Lisa

These two. Seriously, how cute are they?

Sunday was a perfect blustery fall day here in New England. Bright, moody clouds filled the sky, with on and off drizzle threatening to turn into rain. Cancel? Reschedule? Of course not! I love this weather. It makes for perfect photos, especially for a beach shoot. Although not bright and sunny, we get to skip the harsh shadows and hard light. A photographer’s dream—what could be more perfect!

Paul and Lisa are a very special couple. Their laughter is infectious and can bring you to tears. But not only are they funny, enthusiastic, sweet and kind—they are family. What could be more special than being able to take part in such an important event for these two. I seriously can not wait for their wedding next fall, and until then, I will leave you with these.

To view more of Paul & Lisa’s engagement photos, please visit their client album.

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